dream helps to start-end & again…

Back to old blog

I have started maintaining blog again.It’s the long time has gone while i was offline due to  lack of logistic support. In the mean time I lost my all  blog post under the sub-domain of http://phpxperts.net .Although i was informed about that. Any way, i m here again bcoz of dreams helps to start again.


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After a long time…

After a long time I wish to start my blogging ..In the meanwhile I have started my professional life .. Any way..i will try to keep myself with it now.

Ok..keep in touch always.  

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It’s the Time to Leave…

It is the time to leave,to lost something..to get something.. have to leave this Campus ,this LAB,this hall, this afternoon,this day & night and finally this  fantastic friend world.Yeah,Someone in and someone  out..to give the place fresher we have to go our destination.Everything is ok..just our heart  is crying silently…it’s a  common phenomena..can take it as console.We are emotional but realistic.ok..Good bye DUET…just live long brightly.

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Getting the Excution time

Today morning I have taken some sample  statistics using the currentTimeMillis() method on a Object holding 10 milllion of data to find out particular data .This method I found after making a search to getting the Current Time masured in milli .

 So for calculate the Execution time of code..

  long StartTime=System.currentTimeMillis();

………………………………………code goes here…….

long EndTime=System.currentTimeMillis();

System.out.print(“Elapsed time:”+(EndTime-StartTime)); 

Any way, Sometimes it shows unexpected time.

Ok..keep in touch. 

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Java Serialization

Java serialization is the not only most important feature of the Java but also interesting too.Last night I wrote code to store the object instance into the persistent storage like as file using Serialization.It took more little time to retrieve the information then storing the instance.

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Journey with GPRS…

Hmm ,I have been started a fantastic technological journey with gprs using my handset.It’s a really fantastic little world with almost everything.Whenever I open my eyes after sleeping at morning I turn my focus on e-mail checking and other taks often goes all day long…

I had a a lot of curiousity about nobile website since 1 year ago.And also i have learned how to make mobile website using WML. I have also developed dynamic a wml project (mobile site) using WML,PHP ,MySQL.

Ok, have a fantastic momnets.


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Exam started…

Our last semester final exam has been started since yesterday.Just 4 exam + Thesis presentation still remaining to complete successfully  this undergraduation course.We have celebrated a colorful RAG few days ago as the Title 'Nongor chere bondorer khuje".Actullay it indicates that we r going to be changed our life stage.Ok pray for me as if I can succeed by  taking the challenge of job field.



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Ajax Images

We are used to see the Looding…..or something like that whenever  have to bit wait for the loading the page .In following link there are many nice such kind of waiting image.


have a look.



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Ajax framework


You can Download Ajax development framework to develop rich internet application from the following link..


 and let me know ur response regarding this.

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Starting with XML

I have started my learning journey with XML since couple of days.
For the first time I have displayed the xml document in the browser after transformation both in the two ways CSS and XSLT.It’s too interesting.ok..pray for me as if can keep myself with it….


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